Friday, 28 December 2007

You can’t handle the truth.

Just in case you missed it a couple of days ago the Number 10 website published a review of our Dark Lords year after his long awaited and highly anticipated assumption of power back in June.

The key points were –

June - Gordon Brown arrived at Number 10 as Prime Minister on 27 June 2007 and promised to do his utmost for the nation. A Whitehall shake up and dealing with the terror attack in London and Glasgow (single-handedly no doubt)

July - Pledged a review of the nations flood defences

August - Pledged to contain foot and mouth outbreak as swiftly as possible. Welcomed Nelson Mandela to No 10 before unveiling his statue.

September - The Prime Minister hosted launched a series of Citizens' Juries on education, law and order and health and announced the largest ever NHS consultation exercise. Mr Brown also outlined new plans for improving school standards and for tackling the growing problem of gun crime.

October - Mr Brown paid a visit to Iraq as British troops continued their handover to Iraqi authorities in Basra. Crossrail was also given the go ahead. The consultation on a written Bill of Rights was started

November - In the first Queen's Speech of his premiership, the Prime Minister revealed his plans for reform and spoke of his desire to meet the long term challenges faced by the nation.

December - Launched the flagship childrens’ plan and new strategies for cancer and stroke victims . Promised to protect public funds extended to the Northern Rock, assured us the economy is fighting fit and signed the European tidying up exercise.

And that was pretty much it. No problems, no difficult decisions to be shied away from. Radiance, truth and light for all to bathe in. Lots of worthwhile reviews, tractor production up again and the weekly chocolate ration to be increased from 40 to 30 Oz.

Edward Gibbon wrote in his celebrated work The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire that essentially those who lived under the Antonines (the 5 ‘Good Emperors') were probably the most fortunate of humans. I paraphrase a lot but that is the gist of it.

But in deep posterity when historians draw from the few official records that can be found surely it will be concluded that to live in this age, the age of Brown, we were truly blessed.

P.S. - Still on hiatus, no honestly I am.


Mrs Smallprint said...

The Vogon commander is well known for his selective memory, pity he didn't forget to sign the treaty too.......

CityUnslicker said...

will his man still be in place at the end of 2008?

Richard Havers said...

He'll never be a leader, just a camp follower....