Sunday, 30 December 2007

I found a penny!

One of those funny little moments that makes a day slightly more interesting.

Having listened to West Ham beat Manchester United 2-1 on Radio 5 this afternoon- much to my delight and against expectations, I settled down for the radio commentary of the Everton vs Arsenal game.

The result at Upton Park opened up the possibility of Arsenal regaining first place in the Premier League into the New Year.

Now here at ‘The Mere’ we do have cable television courtesy of the delightful Virgin Media (nee NTL). But it’s the most basic package that limited money can buy. Essentially the channel 4 stable, Cbeebies and BBC Parliament plus other channels that show lots of repeats, mostly American, mostly ghastly. That's not anti American but possibly anti 'by the numbers formulaic television'.

However whilst listening to the opening moments of the Arsenal game I was doing a little channel flicking and to my delight found that one of the employees at Virgin Towers must have pushed a wrong button as I found I had free access to Setanta’s broadcast of this match. Normally one has to pay for these things.

My enthusiasm was tempered when the cheeky Scousers took the lead but as is right and proper by the end of the game the Arsenal had scored 4 goals with no further Evertonian reply.

I know if I ever want to be considered a serious blogger I should have gone with a post on the Dark Lord’s New Year rant or the Cleggy dropping of trousers and bending over.

But a little bit of unexpected good fortune is a better New Year message then the overblown rants of a washed up, busted flush of a wannabe demagogue or his new poodle.

Up the Arse! Probably yes.


Mrs Smallprint said...

My very bright Poodle data guard Charlie may have to put you on his hit list for 'taking a Poodle's name in vain'. He is fed up with his origins being linked with a bunch of no good losers like Blair. He even has a group on Facebook (with members) which he set up to stop this form of Poodle abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So give a dog a break and call the sad bad evil ones something else.

(picture on my blogs sidebar).

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Oh, you noticed this as well?

I came in to the living room to get final scores to see find my mate watching Setanta Sports.

Since I know I only have Free digital, I was a bit surprised to say the least.

jmb said...

I find it rather refreshing not to find another rant about Brown when I go visiting the UK blogs.