Thursday, 1 November 2007

Do you find the defendant…….

Apparently the first verdicts from the Citizens Juries deliberations on Health have been announced.

Meetings took place in nine regions and involved about 1,000 people during September which will supposedly inform the review led by Sir Ara Darzi, the Health Orc and part time scalpel wielder.

The cost of this particular exercise is thought to have been in the region of £900,000.00.
And the initial results have been a revelation. Nobody could have predicted that the vast majority of jurors would have thought that the best way to improve the NHS would be through having ‘Cleaner Hospitals’.

Normally one would expect to go into rant mode at this point but no, not me. £900,000.00 is a small price to pay for such gilt edged advice.

As the minions of the Dark Lord are apparently now seeking our advice on issues and solutions and are apparently willing to ‘invest’ the money required to facilitate the process I would like to offer my services.

I have personally undertaken a study over the last few years and have figured out that there is something that inevitably ‘follows day’. I don’t want to keep people in the dark but I would rather have the cheque before I tell anyone.

If anyone knows where I can apply please do let me know.

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