Wednesday, 31 October 2007


According to a report in the ‘Times’ today the creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening has ruled out featuring Gordon Brown in an episode of the unsurpassed American animation saying that “One prime minister per century is enough.”

This follows the appearance of our former master Tony Blair on the show in 2003 when his animated character met the Simpsons at Heathrow and invited them for tea at Downing Street. Apparently his delivery was said to have been so good that the producers used his first take in the final edit.

The grinning freak had a script written for him in 2003 and recorded a voiceover for his part in which he met the Simpsons at Heathrow and invited them for tea at Downing Street. His delivery was said to have been so good that the producers used his first take.

However Yeardley Smith who provides the voice of Lisa Simpson on the show said that it would be “great fun” to have our Master take part in a new episode.

Mr Brown’s spokesman declined to comment on the opportunity.

However, for Simpsons aficionados.

Diamond Joe Quimby has been forced out of office by the intrigues of his Cabinet Member Gordum McBrooun who has now taken his place as the Mayor of Springfield.

McBrooun was initially popular with the people of Springfield and obtained approval ratings of which leaders of totalitarian states would be envious.

However through policy decisions which included;

Imposing Capital gains tax at the same level for the Kwik-E-Mart proprietor and the owner of the local power generating concern,

Snatching back allocated but unspent money from Springfield Elementary School. Which was then threatened with closure if the pupils didn’t reach the required examination pass rate,


Allowing the citizens of Shelbyville to influence policy in Springfield whilst the citizens of Springfield couldn’t effect the same in Shelbyville,

the popularity of the new mayor quickly declined.

However and as ever by accident, Homer discovered the secret that finally allowed the young Republican protégé of Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle to sweep to power.

Of course the question is what was it that Homer found out that was so deadly to McBrooun’s political career?

Over to you :-)


Liz said...

Unrelated but Young Son was taken to Emirates on a hospitality package 2 weeks ago. Got to walk down the tunnel etc. Big game this weekend, yes?

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Homer finds out that McBrooun has in fact borrowed money from Montgomery Burns tp pay for prudent spending on the Springfield Old Peoples home,and connot pay it back.
Now Mr Burns owns Springfield.

Grendel said...

Liz - I went on a similar outing to Highbury a few years ago. A good day out. Hope he enjoyed it!

And yes Saturday will be interesting.

CBI Top stuff!

Mountjoy said...

No, it's cos they already have one loser on the Simpsons - Homer - and they don't need another one - Brown.

Shades said...

Homer had a photo of him astride a rocking horse wearing a nappy?

Anonymous said...


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