Tuesday, 10 July 2007

From the BBC

Alastair Campbell "momentarily" considered suicide during the Hutton inquiry, he reveals in his diary.

"As I left the house, and said goodbye to Fiona (his partner), I did actually wonder momentarily whether it would be the last time I saw her, whether what I discovered on reading my own diary would be so awful that I would want to top myself.

"It was only a passing thought, but it was there, and it came back several times as I drove down to Marseilles.

"I knew I had done nothing wrong, ( Whaattttt?) but in this climate, things had gone beyond reason, it was like a drama or a novel, and nobody had control of events."

He also said Mr Blair had talked him out of resigning after Dr Kelly died, saying it would be a "disaster" for Mr Campbell.

Probably not as much a disaster as it was for Dr. Kelly and his family.
Mind you, I’m sure Ms Booth would have autographed a copy of your resignation letter to be auctioned off to raise money for ‘the party’.

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Lord Straf-Baghdad said...

Guilt takes many forms.