Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I'm not going to pass any comments on the astroturfing allegations made by 'LibDem Voice' regarding the Ealing Southall election campaign. However a little 'ratfucking' never goes amiss. The yellow peril having been at it for years and the recent outbreak of bullying by broon's goons in Sedgefield proves that sometimes you have to meet fire with fire. But for goodness sake don't leave the wire tapping equipment in your safe, don't allow your flunkies to write your office number in their address books and Grant, use a persona that doesn't lead people back to your own website. Other than that it should really be quite simple really.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, I am biased, but surely it is incumbant on us all to try and raise the tone of politics. This latest story just lowers the opinion people have of politicians even more.

Perhaps that is why I have given up front line politics.

Lord Straf-Baghdad said...

So interesting you went with the Segretti pic. First thought which crossed my mind.