Monday, 9 July 2007


Following on from Sony’s announcement of a price cut of $100 for the 60Gb PS3 in America (now to retail at $499) rumours abound that the UK retail price will also be cut. At the moment the UK price is, on average £425.00.

Possible reasons suggested for the cut in price over the pond are not only due to lower than expected sales in comparison to the X-Box360 and the WII but also that there may be a 80Gb (phew) model to be launched in the near future.

The machine is a wonder of science, have more computing power than it took to put men on the moon etc, the blu-ray HD format (the next betamax no doubt) and lots of other wizzy hi tech stuff.

The problem is that the games are utterly ordinary, mostly re-hashing old franchises. How many ‘phat air’ Tony Hawke’s games, Tiger Wood’s Golf games or WWII shoot’em ups can anyone have for goodness sake! They look pretty, they sound great but has the advance with the hardware been kept pace with by the concepts of the games? . Quite simply no. And it’s such a disappointment. Nintendo had Mario, the earlier Playstation iterations had Lara Croft, Sega had Sonic and Microsoft have a Cat Stroking billionaire to railroad stuff through on a supine public (Vista anyone?). But where is the PS3 ‘killer ap’? And I was so looking forward to this machine with the potential for gaming that its power could provide.

I know that developing games is an intensive and time consuming job often taking years but one would have hoped that some software would have been available by now that would have made the machine worth buying.

Sony will have to do a lot more price cutting yet to make this a worthwhile purchase!


Big Chip Dale said...

Wow! A price cut. I didn't know. I want one just to watch hi-def films but that price!!! It will be interesting to see if a $100 price cut will mean £50 off the price or will it work out at £399 and we get screwed again?

Norfolk Blogger said...

The problem is they have tried to make everyone jump two technologies at once, and people don't want to do that.

People want a next gen console, but don;t want bluray. Others want Blu-ray but not a console. Sony ahve tried to use the PS£ to launch blu-ray, but have at the same killed the PS3.

I got an Xbox 360 on launch day and a Wii on Launch day. I play me wii a lot, less so my Xbox, but I'd never consider a PS3.