Thursday, 12 June 2008

Fighting the good fight

I haven’t done a straight forward political post for ages. I might touch on stuff tangentially these days but there are already enough centre rightish / Toryish bloggers out there who do a much better job!

Also I must admit I have enjoyed going with a core of scientific research and family stuff more than the obvious open goals.

But I can’t resist running quick a post on the David Davis resignation.

The substances of his views on the erosion of civil liberties are in my opinion pretty much on the money. I don’t recognise the need for 42 days detention prior to charge, a DNA database, ID cards CCTV cameras on every street corner. I’m not suggesting that these automatically result in the establishment of some kind of police state. But from an administration that seems to have a rather fond attachment to centralised control one has to look slightly askance.

Yes these terrorist johnnies are a bloody nuisance. Anyone who, being thoroughly besotted with their version of the Sky Pixie, decides that all heretics must die are of course a serious concern. But what price needs to be paid by the population at large in an attempt to stop some superstitious freak from bombing and killing.

David Davis is right.

But what I really want is this government gone. I’m tired of the mismanagement, the incompetence. I pay too much to them each month for the services I receive in return. I could almost be persuaded that the tax levels are justifiable if I knew that the money was well spent. But it isn’t. I’m tired of schemes, plans and initiatives. Of the spin and sleight of hand. Soldiers sent ill equipped to fight dubious wars of seemingly little relevance to the national interest. I’m tired of working in an NHS that is flooded with propaganda that may as well say vote Labour at the bottom. I’m tired of living in a ‘federal’ Kingdom whose ‘federal’ authorities refuse to the accept the rights of the majority nation within it. I’m tired of the slack jawed freak and his orcs, their blustering about their so called achievements, continually attempting to repaint the façade whilst the core of the building crumbles.

I want them gone. And I want every last sinew to be strained in achieving this task.

And over the last few weeks, looking at Polls and the various election results, I have almost dared to let myself believe that the time of this cabal has nearly run its course. I’m sure that I would be able to pick holes in a Cameron government but I would rather be in the position where I could do that than be doing the same with the current administration.

But there can’t be any slips. The Opposition should be focused on exposing every folly, every slip, lie or incompetence of the government. That should be the story for the rest of the next, long, two years. No unforced errors and no slips.

But I suspect that this might be a slip. And a big one.

The orcs are spinning like tops. Opposition in disarray, shadow cabinet split fighting against the tide of public opinion on this issue. And it may stick. The Tory poll leads are good, possibly as good as I suspect they ever could be. But I can’t help feeling they are fragile. Fragile, but with the possibility of solidifying over time as long as nothing untoward occurs.

I sympathise totally with what DD is saying but I fear that this may be one of those untoward situations.

As a possible future Home Secretary he would have been in a position to have made the changes he wanted.

Now, at best, he may have lost the opportunity to serve or at worst helped prevent the formation of a government that could have made some of the changes he wanted in the first place.


Fitaloon said...

I suspect much of the problem for DD is that he sees that Gordon Brown will not give up and we will still have at least another two years to put up with Gordon Brown ruining this country and leading us back into the situation Britain was in the dark days of the late 70's. It is a feeling of helplessness as this country lurches from one crisis to another while Gordon turns his blind eye to what is going on and leads us further and deeper into the abyss on every front. Taking a stand is the only way he can see of at least getting the public to pay attention to what is happening to them. Will it work? Who knows, the next 3 weeks will be interesting! He has at least got people thinking and this can only be good.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Wow! Good post. Lots of good points. New Labour so need to be got rid of.

DWMF said...

DD wants the iniquity of the 42-day law to stay in the public memory. So he is hoisting a banner for all to see. Votes in the House are eventually forgotten, for there is no arresting image. I look forward to some trenchant arguments about British liberties in the byelection.

Baht At said...

I don't rate his chances against The Sun ... even out in the rural sticks of yorkshire the sun readers tend to be in the majority.

Such a pity they are allowed to vote!

Mrs Smallprint said...

Hi Grendal

"So true funny how it seems", you've been reading my mind. Well almost, I think DD has more up his sleeve which will come out when he's ready. David Cameron has been happy so far to let Labour make their mistakes but sooner rather than later we need to know his real agenda.