Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A worthy cause

I have always been a little ambivalent about working for the NHS. I have been told on lots of occasions that it’s something I should be proud of. Perhaps as a non-clinical purchasing person all of the skills are directly transferable in to the private sector as were my private sector skills when I moved into the NHS.

But I’ve never really been pro, never really been anti, it’s just another job and nothing that I take a moral position on. Well other than the huge waste of our money ‘invested’ in unreformed services. But that’s a political and economic thing, not really a comment on day to day employment.

But as an employee I was truly saddened and shocked to read this post at Callum Carr’s place regarding the shameful treatment of his wife by some of my ‘colleagues’.

This for me turned ambivalence to anger. Please read this and if so minded do a link yourself.

It also suggests to me that these are areas where the ‘Blogpowers’ of the world can be truly useful. I noted that several current and esteemed former members of blogpower are also linking. Defending the Blogosphere, promoting and supporting fellow bloggers is undoubtedly a worthy cause. Defending and supporting an individual in their hour of need is a duty and an honour.

I wish the Carr’s all the very best.


CherryPie said...

I guess we should all be proud working in the public sector... but this sort of treatment makes us feel ashamed!

CalumCarr said...

Thanks so much. I seem to be saying this a lot but I do really mean it.

Re Cherrypie saying that "we should all be proud working in the public sector". Yes, you should be proud and horrified. That there are "horror" stories doesn't detract from the great work carried out there.

Keep going and be proud.

Anonymous said...

"I have been told on lots of occasions that it’s something I should be proud of".

Certainly... not by me.

Why do 'people' continue to be shocked by this type of story. These are not isolated cases, I could mention a room full... and dare I say, ones that are much worse.

Good luck to the Carrs... they'll need it.

jmb said...

I just posted my link to this and then came here.

As I said in mine, being a medblog reader and following some in the UK I know how frustrated many healthcare professionals are with the system and I see that many are trying to do their best despite the system.

I can only hope that Mrs Carr will soon find one of the good ones.

Nunyaa said...

It is good to see people supporting them.

Anonymous said...

Dear JMB...
"I see that many are trying to do their best despite the system."

We went through this phase in the 90's. Now, like many other public services e.g. the police, poor standards and bad practise are endemic.

Also, it is not just a case of 'finding a good one', especially in mental health issues. A poor diagnosis can hinder you for the rest of your life and surviving can mean fighting that diagnosis rather than finding positive treatment.

I recently attended a meeting that stated that a high percentage of 'alleged' dementia patients in the UK are only suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. So what is our wonderful NHS, caring professionals and politicians going to do about it... bugger all.

As this figure could probably relate to 2/3 the total, my advice to everyone with a relative or friend, who has been recently diagnosed with dementia, withdrawal, and/or anger symptoms... get their hearing checked... and their eyesight while you're at it.