Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday night is music night.

Back to the record collection.

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while. Partly because of bad planning on my part. Partly because having done a small but reasonable spread of the 80 / 90’s Neo Proggers I wanted to go back to what was essentially the source material for these later groups and eventually my favourites.

Trouble is you can’t just jump in and do the Genesis post. It’s a bit like a Prog Rock variant on the Godwin’s law thing. As soon as you mention ‘Suppers Ready’, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’ or ‘I know what I like (in your wardrobe)’ the discussion is over.

The other thing is that the bands I have covered so far I have seen and bought the LP’s when they were released. When tripping back a musical generation it’s all rather before my time.
So what I thought I’d do is post a couple of videos of some of my earliest musical

There were many to choose from but from my youngest days there are distinct memories of.

And another favourite

Do you have any particular early musical recollections. If so I'd be interested to hear what they are.

Next time I do one of these posts though I will have to go with the giants upon whose shoulders the second gen prog bands teetered.

'A flower....?'


CherryPie said...

The first one makes me smile, brings back memories from a long time ago!

The second one reminds me of my clarinet playing days, I miss them...

Globus said...

globus still has all the original star wars soundtracks on vinyl, having bought them at the time the films were released on the big screen.

and he's mulling over flogging his james vinyl collection as some of the early 7" must be worth a bob or two nowadays.

Julie said...

These are fabulous and formed part of my own earliest musical memories, too. My father was a great Tchaikovsky lover, so it was often the background music to our home life (perhaps illustrating how council estates are not always the cultural deserts they are traditionally made out to be by people who have never lived in one...)

Another early favourite was the music from the film 'The Jungle Book' - probably because it was the first record album I ever owned,and was a gift I received from my father at around six or seven years of age. It came with an illustrated insert of several pages, and was a treasured possession right into my adult life!

Liz said...

Ah, Puff, bless him. Such a sad story.

I used to love children's favourites but when I listened Uncle Mac didn't play 'hit' records but songs like Sparky, the magic piano, The ugly Duckling and 77 Trombones, etc.

Colin Campbell said...

We listened to some of my Dad's Caruso 78s, Edith Piaf on 45s, the Monkees on television and a lot of classical LPs. We loved to play Ride of Valkiries and some unknown operatic singer screaming enthusiastically.