Monday, 24 March 2008

They're at it again

For everyone who missed my post on Saturday, which frankly would be more than the grains of sand on an average beach, I was prattling on about the 'Der Stuermer' of the New Labour Project (or the Daily Mirror if you prefer) who were running hard with the utterly irrelevant 'Cameron breaks road rules' bike story. I took this as a good news story. It seems to suggest that they are using every last partisan trick in the book to fight off the almost inexorable decline in the political fortunes of their master

You can picture the scene of the 'dark lord', disheveled under the flickering lights of the 'McBunker', ordering non-existent battalions of leafleters around in a final defence of Kirkcaldy.

The logic behind that post could probably be picked apart by your average geranium but now it seems that they are at it again reporting a comment supposedly made by DC that could be viewed as pejorative by council house tenants.

They must think it's bad if they are going for what THEY would view as a core vote strategy.


TBRRob said...

I touched on this as well it was a really pointless story.

Anonymous said...

I disagree... by associating Cameron with Lycra Louts, they can harness a lot of latent aggression from both motorists and pedestrians. Matt Seaton, of The Guardian, summed it up quite well a few years back.

"... there’s nothing more visible than a cyclist breezing through a red light, it is spectacularly bad PR. According to an official at Cycling England, the body charged with promoting cycle use, one of the chief reasons why the Department for Transport is so unenthusiastic about cycling is because the Home Office dumps on its doorstep the vast postbag of letters about the outrages perpetrated by “Lycra louts” - cycling without lights, riding on the pavement, and, above all, ignoring traffic signals. In other words, when a cyclist runs a red light, the rest of us might as well get out the old revolver and fire one off at our collective foot."