Friday, 21 March 2008

Friday Night is Music Night again.

Back to my record collection.

Every Beatles have their Rolling Stones, every Oasis their Blur and following on from last weeks Marillion post it must be time for a Twelfth Night video.

The bands dislike of each other was no doubt vastly exaggerated. But huddled in the corners of 6th form common rooms whenever two or more neo-prog fans gathered together there was always the inevitable debate as to which was the best and why.

Actually it was pretty unlikely to find more than one neo-progger in any place at the same time as another and this was probably just as well. Discussing the intricacies of 5 minute keyboard solos can’t be healthy.

On the big issue I could never really make up my mind. I think I inclined to Marillion but they never really match TN for sheer intensity.

The video is a live performance of ‘Human Being’ taken from the 1982 ‘Fact and Fiction’ Album. It must be said not my favourite track from the record. But perhaps unsurprisingly Twelfth Night Videos were not abundant on You Tube. Pity!!

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