Sunday, 10 February 2008

On the lighter side

As a companion post to last Saturday's which posed the question as to which 'Super Villain' you are, where I found that I was Darth Vader and everyone else was Lex Luther (but wanted to be Darth Vader) you now have the opportunity to find out which 'Super Hero' you are.

I think my two results combined show what (at the time) any nine year old was preoccupied with.

Please do let me know who your heroic alter ego is.

Which male Super Hero are you?

Luke Skywalker

Son of Jedi Master/Sith Lord Anakin Skywalker, and strong in many aspects, Luke Skywalker is one popular hero. Though naive at first, the young jedi had a lot to prove, esspecially in moments of battle. An expert pilot with continuous growing skill, Luke Skywalker eventually earns the title of Master, and makes the tough decision to face his father in that final battle. His manipulation of the force and skill with a lightsaber exceeds even Lord Sidious', making him the strongest Jedi alive.

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Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Not an English hero, Grendel?

lewisham kate said...

I think your fixing the results....2 both from starwars not fair. Im gonna do this now ...i will be back.

Liz said...

The website has an error and so I can't do it! I'll be back ...

lewisham kate said...

It still isnt working, i even tried another quiz and its just saying the same thing :0(

Liz said...

I'm Sora. For goodness sake, who is Sora?


Perhaps the youngest and most purest of heroes, Sora, as by fate, would be considered as the chosen one. Of course, that is true, as this young islander was chosen by the Key Blade, his primary weapon and the only thing the heartless and other enemies fear. But that's not the only thing they should fear, for it is Sora they should be more concerned about. Harnessing the power of his weapon and of his heart, Sora can vanquish anything in his path. The same strength as his best friends Cloud and Leon, Sora goes on many amazing adventures, and saves the day over and over again."

Grendel said...

If memory serves Sora is a video game character.

I'm sure that this is most reassuring.


lewisham kate said...

Im cloud strife , bit disapointed.