Monday, 26 November 2007

Wider still and wider…...

I would imagine that one of the by products of the election of Kevin Rudd as Australia’s new Labor (sic) Prime Minister will be to finally push our Cousins towards constitutional reform and the creation of their republic.

After his election victory Mr. Rudd, an ardent republican, has already stated that the question over the Australia’s constitution and relationship with the monarchy should again be put to the people.

The referendum on the issue in 1999 resulted in a rejection of the proposal to end the current constitutional arrangement however critics of the referendum argued that it was rigged in favour of monarchists because it gave voters only the option of having Parliament elect a President and not the direct election of a head of state by the people.

As polls in Australia have consistently shown a desire for a republic one can only wish Barry Humphries well in the role once duly elected.

But this set me wondering. Just out of a sense of tradition are there any territories that no longer acknowledge the authority of the Crown that perhaps ought to or that we should claim just to annoy the inhabitants.

I have pondered the possibility that a petition should be raised on the Downing Street website asking that our Dark Lord beseech Her Britannic Majesty to lay claim to somewhere just for the sheer hell of it.

But where?

Now there’s the trick.

The United States is too obvious. To state intent in the fullest of time to recover Hong Kong and enter into an alliance with Taiwan could be fun. To desire the reunification of Northern and Southern Rhodesia under the Crown might actually be a good idea so best to be avoided just in case someone says yes.

But perhaps the most obvious hackle raiser would be to ask for our bits of France back. Not just Calais though, I’m not sure that that on its own would be worth the trouble.

Or is that the French asking for their bits of England back?

Who cares. On, on, you noblest English ‘cause tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1415.

Unless you can think of somewhere better.


jmb said...

Unfortunately I don't get to vote there any more but I do hope Australia becomes a republic in the near future. Now if only Canada would get going on it too. A bit more difficult here because that would be seen as giving in to the francophone interests.

Gracchi said...

That would be amusing- we could also sort out Welshcakes and say that we claim all the dominions of the ancient Norman crown- ie Normandy, Gascony, England and of course- Sicily! :)

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

It's always interested me that many second generation Asians and africans, actually come baxck from hols visiting relatives and say the British shouldnever have left (seriously, i've heard them say it. They prob said it to me as a a White guy, to make me question my anti-colonial attitudes and see how actually, a lot of non-whites think more favourably about the empire than we do.

Grendel said...

Crushed - I've had several of the same conversations.

Tribune - Not sure how pleased WL would be.

JMB - See it's back to the French again!