Monday, 29 October 2007

Is it me or......? Just Housekeeping Stuff.

Well actually I suspect that it is me but has anyone else experiencing fluctuations in their visitor numbers over the last few days?

I'm not overly concerned about visitor numbers / hits but I must admit to having been quite pleased at having achieved an average of 40 - 50 visits a day for a while now. I know that for the vast majority of bloggers these figures would be a disaster but over here at the 'Mere' it's been consistent, solid and slowly building.

Except that for the last week or so these averages have been cut in half.

Traffic was never really the reason for me blogging in the first place (it was basically an error due to technical incompetence which I have subsequently compounded). However there must come a point at which, if the readership is SO small, one has to ask whether the effort expended in posting and maintaining the blog is really worth it.


Damon Lord said...

Traffic fluctuates for the strangest of reasons that I can't fathom. Using I see that people come by with the oddest search terms to mine as well. As for myself, I always find I get increased traffic when I mention Myleene Klass.

Who are you writing for? At the end of the day, I write for myself. Don't worry about he traffic. If anyone else wants to read, then they're more than welcome.

Lord Nazh© said...

Google retooled their main algorythm. I went from 100+ to 30 a day last time they did it, now I'm back to 100+ :)

Of course most of my hits are from searches so :(

Steve Hayes said...

It's funny, but the last three blogs I've read have had posts about the same thing. And I've also wondered about what makes some posts popular and others not. One I write on "What to do on Sunday if you're bored" still gets a lot of readers, but What to do on Tuesday, bored or not doesn't. I wonder why.

kate said...

Hello, i wouldnt worry about visitor numbers changing, although i often dont post for a bit and when i do its not of a high standard i still get visitors. But as has been said who do you write for? I ve been reading via bloglines so havent been over although still seeing whats going on.

IanP said...

I think Kate has hit the nail on the head.

you need to see whether you can break down your stats and see how many are HTML and how many XML.

This would indicate that you are probably getting many more people reading than are showing on your basic stats, and I find that the stats from the web host are more accurate than those from Sitemeter or StatCounter.

It is always difficult, but the style and quality of both your arguments and your writing is enjoyable, worthwhile and well received.

Follow your heart.

Theo Spark said...

Google analytics sometimes have a hissy fit. Don't worry about it.

Mountjoy said...

keep blogging - it's just a blip - the stats will be back to normal soon.

Phil A said...

Yep. Stats tend to fluctuate weirdly - or at least mine do.

Mike Stajduhar said...

My traffic is also down about 50% (though the sample is so small it could mean nothing).

Fitaloon said...

It's holiday time for bloggers and blog readers.
I read most of my posts initially with an RSS reader which more and more people are doing. I only put the abbreviated version in my feed which means you have to go to the blog to read the rest. I notice you have the full version in your feed. Might be part of tye reason as well!

Liz said...

Oh mine's down too. And I have few enough to begin with so it was a little worrying. That's reassuring then. It's not just me. Or you.

Grendel said...

Thanks for the information and indeed some of the kind words.

Not sure I would know where to start with limiting the data sent on my 'Feed'.

If everyone else also experiences these issues then it ill behooves me to worry too much about it.

Right, onwards and upwards!