Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Going down with the Derby.

As regular readers will know I have more than a passing interest in the fortunes of Arsenal Football Club.

However I made a decision a while ago that I wouldn’t post on the results of each game. I feel that anyone who is particularly interested will already know any given result and that as there are so many outlets available through which one may read professional analysis any thoughts of mine would be pretty irrelevant.

And although a passion of mine the discussion of football was never going to be the primary focus of this blog
However as a one off I think that Arsenal’s 7 – 0 victory last night over Slavia Prague in the European Cup is probably worth a mention.

The result was astounding, the best recorded by the Club in European competition, but more because finally, through the mists, the shape of the third championship winning team produced by Arsene Wenger is beginning to come into view.

And whilst I still don’t believe that this season will be the one when Arsenal will take the leagues title, let alone the European Cup, I can honestly say that this third team of Wenger’s could be the best he has produced.

However I do feel an underlying concern. A great worry that has nagged at me for a good few weeks.

I have finally decided to close the poll in which I was running asking fellow bloggers where they felt Arsenal would finish in the league table at the end of this season. I think the side bar could do with a little shortening anyway.

The final results of the poll are:-
1st Place 15%
2nd Place 7%
3rd Place 19%
4th Place 15%
5 – 10th Place 19%
11 – 17th Place 0%
Bottom three 23%

As I still tend to favour the FPTP system and, as we all know, bloggers are pretty much right about everything this would indicate that Arsenal are going to be relegated at the end of this season.

I will have to start saving up for the trips to Hull and Barnsley next year.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I think arsenal look good to take the title.

For us, the seson is about staying up and beating the Villa twice.

Grendel said...

Still think it's a season too soon for L'Arse.

Don't think the Brum have too much to worry about.