Monday, 3 September 2007

When two tribes go to war II

According to sources, many and varied, Douglas Alexander, formerly a staff member of the Michael Dukakis Presidential Campaign 1988 who later acted as a researcher and speech writer for the once shadow Trade Secretary Gordum Broon, has dismissed as "nonsense" speculation that the Prime Minister could call a snap poll as early as this week.

Mr. Alexander is of the view that the Conservatives had set the hare running to mask a "power struggle" within their own ranks. He said that ‘There's a genuine power struggle taking place within the Conservative campaign. David Cameron did have a political strategy, he's been knocked off that strategy by the success of Gordon Brown."

A couple of thoughts.

Etymologists should note that a new usage of the word ‘success’ has passed into common usage.

Also, DC must be in real trouble. When a lickspittle of the ‘conspirator in chief’ of a recent palace coup says that there is a power struggle underway how can we doubt his assessment.

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Mountjoy said...

Brown was planning a snap poll but the opinion polls have not been so good for him. Oh dear.