Thursday, 27 September 2007


With assistance from the Times.

The Orcs have acted angrily to suggestions in yesterdays Times newspaper that the ‘dark one’ drew on speeches from American politicians for his first conference leader’s speech.

The Times Daniel Finkelstein uncovered similarities between Mr Brown’s speeches and those delivered by a generation of ‘top’ American Democrat politicians.
The obvious link being in the person of Bob Shrum, now a close advisor in Mordor who has previously worked as a speechwriter for the Kerry, Gore, Dukakis and McGovern campaigns, where many of the magic incantations used first saw the light of day.

One can only hope that the old Shrum magic will be just as effective for his new master as it was for his previous employers.

No 10 sources were quoted in the Times as saying that “Gordon wrote the speech – it is a simple as that”.

Andy Burnham Chief Secretary to the Treasury suggested that the Times “was acting as the tool of an increasingly desperate Opposition”.

Which is odd because I was under the impression that the Murdoch stable was, in the main, supportive of our Master.

What is also surprising is that this is the reaction one would expect from a government that is in trouble, attacking its detractors in a desperate attempt to shore up its position . It’s certainly not the response of one that is full of confidence.

Or perhaps this is one of the first glimpses of the real Brown to be seen since his successful palace coup. Not a serious, sincere statesman but a nasty, thuggish, control freak who, like a petulant toddler found with his hand in the biscuit barrel, is lashing out because he has been found out.


Lord Higham- Murray said...

Like it. ...nasty, thuggish, control freak... etc.

Phil A said...

Re: ”No 10 sources were quoted in the Times as saying that “Gordon wrote the speech – it is a simple as that””

So, if true, that would make Broon, at best, rather unoriginal - and at worst a plagiarist.

It would be interesting to run the speech through some of that software Colleges /Universities are reputed to be using to discourage plagiarism.

Otherwise ‘No 10’ are lying and it really was “Shrum wot dunnit guv”. Politicians lying – Nah, surely not…