Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I’m Sheffield Wednesday!

Well of course I’m not really, but having had an exchange of e-mails with the most excellent and indefatigable Iain Dale it would seem that I came 200th out of 500 in the ‘Guide to Political Blogging’ vote.

Which in relative terms kind of puts me at the bottom of the Blogging version of the ‘Championship’.

I’m rather pleased to have finished in such an elevated position not having completed a first full season in blogland. Actually I rather like Sheffy Wed. I hold them in particular affection as they lost to Arsenal in the finals of both the FA and League Cups in 1993.

If you have an interest in these matters and know your finishing place in the ‘Dale League’ what equivalent Club do you think you may be?

Also for the footy minded (or for my occasional American readers Soccer) any thoughts on ‘Bloggers as football clubs’, we could compile a list, publish it somewhere and have it ignored by everyone else.

‘Crushed’ as the Villa perhaps? 


Anonymous said...

I am afraid I failed to register anywhere in the top 500 - I was a bit surprised by that to be honest... especially as I have been trying for a long time. Can you let me know your secret?

Gracchi said...

What a great idea- I have to say I have no idea whether I'm in the top 500 or anywhere near it or occupying a spot say remiscent of my local park team- but as soon as I do find my status I'll be following your example. Great idea. I only hope my blog isn't going the way of my football club Leeds United.

Gracchi said...

we'll be in the lowest divisions soon.

Beaman said...

I think I'm the under-11's 'tiny lost Welsh village' side.