Monday, 3 September 2007

Beavering away

As a bit of welcome relief from the discussions on when the resident of Barad-dûr is likely to go to the country I was rather proud tonight as my eldest monster received his first achievement badge at the Beaver Scouts.

He was delighted and insisted on it being sewn onto his uniform pretty much as soon as when we returned home

Ironically enough a few days ago whilst staying with my parents I showed him my old Cub Scout jumper and had to explain what all of the badges meant. Well I explained as much as I could remember.

With the exception of the service stars of which I can’t find an image mine were.

If you were in the Scouts or one of the cadet forces which badges did you get?

Sorry for the extremely parochial post – just fancied doing something different.


ThunderDragon said...

Too many to mention! I went through beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Ventures - and now I'm planning to go back as a Leader!

Two two badges I'm most proud of are the Chief Scout's Award and the Chief Scout's Challenge, though.

kate said...

My son was in beavers and cubs, cant remember all the badges he got,I was in the girl guides and guess what badges i and sewing.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I was in scouts- I succeeded in getting several of these proficiency badgers, but mainly because I was the Troop flag bearer/church reader (oddly enough), so they gave me badges I hadn't technically qualified for, such as Athletics.

I did enjoy it at the time, especially the camps.

Grendel said...

Thunder – With a Scouting pedigree like that I think that the troop you end up leading will be very lucky.

Kate – And most worthwhile achievements too. Actually covered areas like that with my domestic / home help badge. And you know what I still cook and sew now.

Crushed – I assume you don’t consider yourself terribly athletic then? I really enjoyed my time and really like watching eldest little monster taking his first steps in Scouting and watching his burgeoning love for it too.

Guthrum said...

I was in the Church Lads Brigade, because the local scouts were over subscribed, the Church side of it was always understated, the camping, mountaineering, games was something I really valued. Cannnot find any of my badges on line, mostly concerned with blowing a bugle,setting fire to food on a wet mountainside and playing football

Croydonian said...

I really cannot recall any of the badges I received as a cub, but my pack - Kelvedon Hatch Rodney - was named for the then sole surviving member of Baden-Powell's first scout camp. The man was even wheeled out from time to time, which was nice.