Sunday, 24 June 2007

Tanking it down....

Took the eldest of the little monsters to the Tank Museum at Bovington today. The particular theme of the show today(other than huddling against particularly inclement weather) was ‘All American Armour’. Vehicles on display included Jeeps, Halftracks, Sherman's, Stuarts, and Grants with some less commonly seen vehicles, including an M60, M41, M113, and the massive cold war M103.

Apparently an All Brit day is on the cards soon though.

The highlight of the day was a mock battle set in World War Two Normandy. The real star of the show was the Hunnish Tiger 1 tank which has been known to occasionally do a parade lap of the arena and break down shortly thereafter. However today it played a role in the re-enactment and it was apparently the first time the machine has seen ‘action’ since 1944. Suffice to say the Americans disabled it but a little piece of history nevertheless

I think today was also the first day that the big little monster also began to acquire an understanding (as much as a 6 year old will) that this war thing is not all fun and games. Looking through the draws of WWI veterans medals hidden away in a corner of one of the display halls he asked if they would have been scared and how he hoped that they were OK. He did also ask if the ‘goodies’ won to which, of course, the only answer was yes.

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