Saturday, 23 June 2007

Swab..... Scalple.....

One of the current favourite games played by little monster number two is Play-Doh operation. (Every three year old should have one!). Many a tricky procedure has been performed and the brightly coloured material removed is often to be found littering the kitchen lino and more annoyingly the carpet in the rest of the swamp.

The eldest monster noted in passing a couple of days ago that the plastic patient looked like the ‘man I don’t like on the television’.

I was a little confused and although I pressed for further details he couldn’t provide any.

However this morning came the ‘great clunking realisation’. The picture above isn’t terribly clear but number one little monster is on the money with this.

I will report back on the therapeutic benefits next time I have a go!

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The All Seeing Eye said...

Never knew Play Do made a version of the game. I have fond memories of the electronic version.