Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Not so much a break as....Part two

Following on from the last cryptic post. I had this idea about adopting the personna of a character in the widely loved childrens television programme 'In the Night Garden'.

Or from a parents perspective a programme widely loved by children if not themselves. Actually I'm rather fond of it to be honest although I know many peers whom it drives to distraction.

It's a programme lots of other characters that one could be a touch satirical with. For example the lead character Iggle Piggle is a large blue teddy bear with a moon face. One could argue a little like the current leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

There are loads of other characters you could have enormous fun with. Well until the lawyers from the production company came a calling. For example two families with eight children each living next door to each other. A vehicle to be censorious with if ever there was one. And it was the character of one of the fathers that I had toyed with the idea of ' becoming'.

But technicalities started to get in the way. My blooming blog log and the wrong avatar appearing on sites visited and all sorts of other complications that I hadn't considered when trying to be two characters on the same blogger account. Having messed around I seem to have now lost the monster avatar appearing on MBL and I'm stuck with the dull grey smiley face appearing when I visit anyone else.

This is probably more to do with me being technically inept rather than a real impediment as I'm sure you may be quick to point out.

But for the time being I will have to return to being an 'armless monster and the adoption of stop motion characteristics may have to wait.


CherryPie said...

Ahh Yes I have fallen foul of blogger and identities.

I created a blog for someone, then I checked out google reader for my friends posts where I was logged on as me. I made some comments thinking I was me but blogger even though it is google still had me logged on as the other person I was creating the blog for!!!

So I sympathise...

Damon Lord said...

That explains why Mr Pontipine visited my blog, according to MyBlogLog!

I also ran another political blog for a while, a (far more) popular but flash in the pan, under a pen-name. I, or rather my pen-name, got a lot of fans. I gave it up though. The pen-name had a blog on blogger, a MBL profile, a Facebook account....

I encountered similar problems to you. got round the problems by simply using two different browsers according to which persona I was writing under. I used Firefox for my main surfing and blogging, and when I wanted to do my other blog, I logged onto the accounts using Internet Exploder.

Hope this helps!

Mr Wattinger said...

Oi, Mr Pontipine! You still haven't returned my lawnmower or my cordless electric drill, you bastard. If you don't give it back, I'll stick the ninky-nonk right up your arse! You can screw my wife and father my kids (yes, even Iggle Piggle knows I'm impotent, you blabbermouth, and I thought I could trust you as a friend with a secret), but don't fuck with me when it comes to power-tools. That's the last shred of masculinity I've got left!

Anonymous said...

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