Thursday, 29 May 2008

On blogging – Love/hate

I seem to have descended into a ‘I can’t think of what to write’ phase again.

Well actually that’s not exactly true. There are things to go with but I think it’s more of a case of not having the discipline to sit down and work the bare outline of these thoughts into a post. Also the science sites that I shamelessly plagiarise just aren’t coming up with bits of research that can be spun into a post.

Part of the problem is that the whole blogging thing just doesn’t seem to be as much fun as it was a few months ago. Posting now feels like an obligation rather than a hobby. An electronic tyrant demanding attention that I don’t feel quite so ready to provide.

I used to walk home from work with ideas buzzing around in my head. Some made it through to publication some didn’t. But the challenge was always enjoyable.

But it’s just doesn’t seem to work like that now.

Several times over the last few weeks I have been pretty close to pulling stumps and trudging back to the metaphorical pavilion knowing that it’s been a reasonable innings but that’s that.

And yet in a funny way a sense of sadness at the impending loss has always drawn me back from making that final decision. I think everyone who does this will become attached to their own place to a greater or lesser degree. I’ve always said that this was never a serious blog. It was only ever a hobby. Something to do whilst Mrs. G was watching all of her favourite TV programmes so I wouldn’t be bored to death and so that she wouldn’t get annoyed with my huffy, sarcastic comments about the programmes.

‘You did realise that there is a programme about the evolution of ‘Plainsong’ on BBC 4?’
‘Yes but it’s ‘House’ then ‘Desperate Housewives’
‘Hum, that’ll be an educational feast then. I’m off upstairs to go on the computer, see you’

The thing with giving up hobbies is that all of a sudden all this extra time would be available. No more of this posting nonsense or research. And yet I can’t think of anything better to do with the hours saved. As you know I do like playing games but part of the appeal of blogging in the first place was that it represented more of a challenge. I like reading an awful lot but again it’s a passive activity. And I do still occasionally get access to the remote control for the flickering moron machine in the corner of the living room.

I think I would miss the fray terribly if I withdrew but it would also be an enormous relief.

I guess my homework is to figure out which would be the greater.


Andrew Allison said...

I said a few months ago I was going to stop blogging. After a few weeks I came back.

Take a week off, and make sure you post that is what you are doing, and see how you feel. A break is something that all bloggers need to think about. Good luck.

Fitaloon said...

I stopped as well for a while, things a bit more important were going on and also, and probably a bit related, I just didn't know what to say.
Then a week or so ago things started to come back and I started posting again. I would hear things on the radio and think that needs a bit of looking at and the posts soon started.
Are they affecting the world, No, do they make feel good, Mostly, Do I care if people read them, Not really. I sometimes just need to say my piece.
Take a break, you'll probably be back soon with your enthusiasm back up at a high level and you'll no doubt get bored by the TV choices available.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

What arrant nonsense from Allison and Loon. Get a grip young Grendel.

Take a look at for some inspiration. Graham has some blogging notes on his site. I suggest that you set aside time each day to think about what you want to blog. Ensure you always link within posts to others.

Carry on

jmb said...

Well you don't have to post every day you know. I found it getting to be a chore and so now I only do it three to four times a week. I breathe a sigh of relief when it's Photo Hunt and while I always try to make that post personal it is a theme given to you and you don't have to think of a starting point.

That said, I doubt I'll make my second blog birthday, but you know I would miss the bloggers I've come to know and care about. But I was a blog reader for months before I started a blog so I could go back to that.

I watch TV with one eye while I have my computer on my lap. Mostly junk these days on TV although I do like the educational stuff a lot. Last night there was a great program about excavating in Herculaneum followed by a program about Catherine the Great. We have two TVs two people,so I get to watch what I want which is often nothing.

Calum said...

More than most, I think, I've been close to stopping - often - but always I've been unable to shut down my blog.

I have thought about what I get from blogging and why I should stop / go on and I've got nowhere. As long as I haven't posted my Last Post I keep going.

I have had a few breaks and they have been important but I don't know why they were important - poss because I did start again.

I used to scour the papers for subjects and then spend hours writing. This I couldn't keep up. Obviously now I'm on my mental health campaign but normally I just write a post almost as it comes without a great deal of planning.

I have never consciously decided to change my post type: it has happened naturally.

I'm not going to advise you to stop or keep going. All I will say is that nothing need stay the same. I know this can be taken both for going on and stopping.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

TBRRob said...

Just take a couple of weeks off. I did that and felt better for it.

We all go through periods where are hobby no longer excites us.

I bit if you sit down and watch crap tele for a week or so you'll become fired up again.

jams o donnell said...

Have a short break and come back all fired up Grendel. A pleasant week in Paris with no internet, no tv and not bothering with papers was a treat... now back to the relentless tide of drivel that is the Poor Mouth!

Crushed said...

No, you can't give up.

Don't do it.

I really think that life after blogging just wouldn't be the same...

Nunyaa said...

Have been in that situation myself and I just leave it until an idea comes to me. You will figure out what is best for you :-)

Liz said...

I hope you don't give up. As others have said, take a short break if you need to.

It's your blog: there is no obligation. Just write when you want.

Colin Campbell said...

When it becomes a chore, then it is time to take a break, especially when you are not doing it for money.

Take a break. Your readers will be around after a while when you come back.