Wednesday, 30 April 2008


As I inferred a couple of posts ago Mrs G and I are not exactly on the same political wavelength. Although the truth is considerably more nuanced than the traditional pigeonholing she tends towards the wacky world of the centre left whilst I exist in the parallel universe of the centre right.

And actually it’s jolly good fun that way. I suspect that dinner table conversation would be rather dull if one agreed with ones partner about everything. That said our opinions of the Dark Lord are surprisingly similar although we do differ more on what should be done about him. ‘Listening approach’ vs ’ Lamppost’ provides a brief summation.

Of course in the week running up to the local council elections (and of course the vote for the London Mayor) one would expect the debate to be a little more intense.

And there has been an intense debate. But not the one you would have expected.

Forget the 10p tax band capitulation, Northern Crock etc. The great issue of the week seems to revolve (in more ways than one) one the correct way that rolls of toilet paper should be hung on their holders.

I have been suggesting that the roll should be inserted onto the holder so that the loose end of the paper is hanging behind the roll. I reckon it’s just neater that way and more child proof.

Mrs G however is adamant that the loose end should come over the top of the roll.

And after many hours of debate with no clear agreement it is time to finally reach a resolution.

Mrs. G. suggested that I run a post on the matter to gather the views of the esteemed members of the bloggerati who pass this way (pun only partially intended) and find what an unrepresentative sample of the wider world thinks.

Of course I know that I will probably have to accept that I am wrong, even though I know that I am right.


jmb said...

The image you have chosen to run (and influence the bloggerati subconsciously?)is perfect as far as I am concerned.

I saw a poll like this on an Australian blog recently where I was the only under person which I found strange. Have things changed since I left?

Centre of left and centre of right seem very close to me. You'll probably both be moving to the right as you get older and maybe you'll overlap for a while.

I think blogger has fixed the captcha.

"Grendel" said...

I think that you need to be open and accountable with your toilet paper - over the top where all can see the start of the next piece rather than hidden shamefully behind - kidproofing? no such method other than removing the roll.

ThunderDragon said...

Over the top looks neater and is far more accessible. Less scrabbling around to find the end!

Nunyaa said...

The roll goes under at our house, if it is other way around, I change it back.

TBRRob said...

Over the top...

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Toilet roll holders? Wow, you must be proper posh ;) BG

Phil A said...

OK I must side with your other half on this. The paper goes over the top and hangs down the front. If you want to be really posh you can fold the end into a point like a tie. Loo roll holders are generally designed to accommodate this optimal configuration.

And remember the jobs not complete until the paper work is done;-)

CalumCarr said...

Grendel, I'm with you - behind

Semaj Mahgih said...

Mrs G however is adamant that the loose end should come over the top of the roll.

Sorry, Grendel but I'm afraid I agree with the Centre Left lady here.

CherryPie said...

I like it underneath but I am not allowed to put it that way ;-)

Now that has just given me and idea!

Wolfie said...

It depends of the design of your holder. Mine has a curved Chrome plate over the top so if you yank the end sharply up you can easily remove the sheets neatly at the perforations when the paper extends over the top of the roll. If however you have a coverless design you will need the added inertia of the roll to perform such a feat and thus will have to adopt the anterior orientation.


MikeyP said...

Toilet rolls. There's posh. What is wrong with old editions of the Grauniad?

Liz said...

Your wife is right on all counts. I have to reverse the roll if, on the rare occasions that someone other than me replaces it, it's hanging down at the back.

Husband is right of centre and I'm left. I'm anti-nuclear; he's pro. I'm Christian; he's not. We get on wonderfully well.