Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday night is music night

I've long debated whether to get involved in the music video posting thing that many fellow members of the bloggerati do.

I'm not sure that it constitutes the highest form of blogging. Not that many of my contributions probably do anyway.

But I figure that as I signed up to You Tube to get the video link for yesterdays Ed Balls post it wouldn't do any harm to occasionally do a little space filling.

I think I may go through a few of the prominent records in my rather aged record collection. Yes I still have many hundreds more vinyl albums than CD's. There's something about a gatefold double album that downloads will never be able to replace. Which may give you a clue as to the fare that you will find served up in these posts.

Oddly I found myself picking up on bands in the early and mid eighties, checking out their influences and liking the earlier generation considerably more.

But for somewhere to start. The world of the Neo-proggers I suppose and (probably unfairly) preeminent amongst them Aylesbury's favourite sons Marillion with thier first single 'Market Square Heroes' released in October 1982.

And as a footnote the 'I am your Battle Priest' middle eightish bit was rewritten from the original 'I am your Anti-Christ' so that the broadcasters would play it on the radio / television.

The B side of the 12" Single may provide some other insights for the more than casual reader if they care to do a little research. Although yet again the source material became a greater influence.


jams o donnell said...

I saw Marillion only once at a pub in Chadwell Heath (I think it was December 1981) They poached Mark Kelly from a local band Chemical Alice who I saw quite a few times

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

The sex Pistols did sing 'I am an Anti Christ and I am an Anarchist'

I always do a music post on Sunday. However, it is a useful tool, and its very easy to get carried away with it.