Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday Night is Music Night again.

Welcome to a third tumble into my record collection.

I’ve done Marillion and Twelfth Night since I started this section a couple of weeks ago. Both were bands I loved greatly during the mid eighties.

However they were both rather overtaken in my affections by the Cumbrian Rock Gods 'It Bites' in the second half of the decade.

I’m sure that if you are of a certain vintage you will remember their ‘one’ hit ‘Calling all the Heroes’ from their first album released in 1986. And a cracker of a track it was to in a jaunty rock pop way. However delve further into that and their subsequent albums and you will find a group of musicians whose scope and virtuosity was astounding.

I had the pleasure of seeing them in Peterborough a few months before the first album, Big Lad in the Windmill’ was released and was flabbergasted.

And the choice of track for tonight. For the sake of easy recognition I guess it’s got to be ‘Heroes’. Taken from an appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1986. But if you have a moment do have a listen / look to some of the other videos available from You Tube et al.

These boys were really something special.

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Norfolk Blogger said...

I worked with someone who was asked out by the lead singer about 20 something years ago (just before their big hit) and she turned him down because she thought he was a prick !

I actualy bought the singe when I was 15 whilst on holiday in Blackpool.