Tuesday, 29 January 2008

On Blogging.

When I started this blog back at the end of March 2007 (having absolutely no idea of the direction, content or style that I wanted to take – unlike now where I just have very little idea of the direction, content or style to be employed) one of the first groups / directories I registered with was Britblog , the Directory of British Bloggers.

Although I had quickly become aware of Blogpower and Witanagemot I certainly wasn’t going to apply for membership of either of those august blogging collectives at the time for fear of the potential ridicule that any application for membership would produce.

Anyway I duly registered at Britblog and tentatively joined the ranks of the West Sussex Bloggerati and after a few weeks forgot all about the directory.

A few days ago though I revisited the site and had a look through all of the blogs located in West Sussex on the directory.

I was surprised at how many blogs of the 60ish listed were deleted or hadn’t been posted on in many months. There were a few which obviously were carrying on the fight according to their own lights but there was a sense of a field decimated (or quite a few more) over time. And I assume that this would be replicated in other Counties and Countries which I found rather sad.

One doesn’t know the history behind any deletion or abandonment but there was a sense of so many possibilities snuffed out so early. One directory isn’t indicative but it felt like Gormenghast rather than a vibrant blogging community.

But it also made me appreciate the importance of the Blogpowers, Witans and other blogging communities along with regular visitors and interlocutors.

There were lots of abandoned West Sussex blogs with interesting posts that never received a comment. There were, naturally, lots of West Sussex blogs that deservedly didn’t receive comments and probably should have been abandoned earlier.

Perhaps the easy bit (technological familiarity notwithstanding) is starting a blog with a first few months of rapid, if tentative, posting. It’s getting past the pain barriers of losing the muse or from time to time the inclination that’s the problem.

And the peroration? Well there isn’t one really. I know that I’m not terribly good at replying to the kind folk who leave comments on posts, or perhaps providing posts worthy of comment. Time really is a problem and every comment left (unless by a rabid Spurs fan) is greatly appreciated.

But as WSC would have it, one has to ‘Keep Buggering On’


Colin Campbell said...

It is an odd feeling early on wondering if anyone is reading. Luckily at that stage I didn't care and it was only when I got involved in Blogpower that I could see that what I had to say had some value and even although I still don't get that many comments, people are reading and interested in what I have to say. I think you have to blog despite all the early obstacles and enjoy it for what it is.

jmb said...

Even if you do have an idea of where you are going with a blog, somehow it takes on a life of its own and goes off in directions you never dreamed of.

It takes an enormous amount of discipline to keep a blog going post after post, especially with no commenters. It always makes me feel sad when I see that because I know how much effort blogging takes.

Still we do seem to keep on keeping on so we must enjoy it.

CalumCarr said...

Whatever you are,or may be, I know that you are a very regular visitor. Makes all the difference - to me - to know that I have regulars. Thank you.

Comments are great but often I find making a comment is very difficult - especially if time is short.

When I started I hadn't realised how much time blogging demands. When one is under pressure blogging can easily be chopped.

jams o donnell said...

It's interesting to go back and look at what I was blogging about when I started the Poor Mouth and what I post now (I daresay some would say it's still drivel, just different drivel!). I had intended the Poor Mouth to be a political blog but I became rather bored with political posts very quickly.

It takes will to carry on in the early days when daily visitor numbers are in sigle digits and a comment is rarer than what rocking horses do. For me the breakthrough came from being linked by two relatively large bloggers and joining Bloggers4Labour.

Groups like Blogpower are and excellent way to support fellow bloggers. That said I wish I had the time to visit other members more frequently....

Ed said...

I often have moments of "why do I do this?" but then a comment or a reference by another blog appears and it all becomes worthwhile. Also, I simply don't have time to go out and find new blogs that I might like.

Tom Paine said...

This is precisely why Blogpower, so simple a "concept" as almost to be unworthy of such a grand noun, is a brilliant and worthwhile idea. The blogosphere is like a large city; too big for anyone to live in the whole thing. Blogpower is a neighbourhood in the city, where the occasional "good morning" from a neighbour can make one feel at home.

Liz said...

I joined Britblog a long time ago. Round about the time that they were having problems with connection issues. I never received whatever it was i was supposed to receive to allow me something or other (you se how long ago it was?!). I'm not listed in the blogs but every time I try to join it says I am already in. I have emailed them several times but have had no reply so am fed-up with them!

And I know that wasn't the point of your post but it's a by the way. You've put me in a bad mood now!

Wolfie said...

Like any hobby it takes perseverance and patience to get any good at it, I started in 2003 and I'm still aspiring towards mediocrity, one post at a time. Like many things, your survival is testament to your success.

Your are still here, Ta-Da!!

Well done.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I think people just run out of steam, really.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I like your blog, I just don't get chance to comment often, so hello again! Bendy Girl