Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Housekeeping Stuff.

I’m currently undertaking a little bit of housekeeping on my blogroll. I’ve added a few; I’ve taken a few away, vacillated and reversed a couple of decisions a couple of times.

If you do link here and I have missed it please do let me know on the comments here (or OT anywhere) and I will be delighted to reciprocate.

If I have inadvertently struck a reciprocating linker from my list please accept my apologies, let me know and you will be restored. Assuming that a link here is a desirable thing to have of course.

Indeed if you would like a link I will be happy to set one up assuming that you aren’t one of the thousands of ‘how to make money from the interweb / how to increase your blog traffic’ merchants who keep adding me as a contact in the ‘MyBlogLog’ thing

I know my blogroll is shorter than those found at many other blogs and that there are many other good blogs that I don’t include.

The reason for this is that I will try to visit everyone on my roll at least once every couple of days. Hopefully I will visit on a daily basis.

Which as we all know can be pretty time consuming and, as for many, time is a pretty limited commodity for me. And I tend to like to spend the time visiting others whose posts I like to read and / or who visit here and occasionally comment.

That’s not to infer that this blog is anything special (far from it) or that a visit from me is worth any more than any other that you receive. But for the time that you are on my roll I may at least be of some minor assistance in keeping your counter regularly ticking over.

And that’s because I enjoy what you are posting.


The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks Grendel for being a frequent visitor to my site. I am happy that my posts keep you visiting. Happy New Year to you and your family. Cheers!

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Blogrolls are difficult to keep up to date.

Ed said...

You might not be able to see me because I am hiding. If you would like to come in then email me on


Mousie said...

Delighted to see I'm still in favour! ;o)

Womble On Tour said...

Well thanks for keeping me on, too !
If I knew how to monitor my counter I'd enjoy watching you help it tick over !

nuttycow said...

Blogrolls are a nightmare. I've recently just started one and dammit, if I don't keep on adding people and then forgetting to update it :D

William Gruff said...

Thank you for keeping me on your blogroll.