Sunday, 13 January 2008

The final cut

According to much of the Press and many other bloggers.

Gordon Brown says he wants a national debate on whether to change the system of organ donation. The proposed change to a system of ‘presumed content’ would essentially mean that unless you opted out of the Organ Donor register or your family members objected then your organs (if suitable) would be ripe for harvesting.

Lots of people have covered this but a few thoughts of my own.

A) A National debate, I think that’s Sauron speak for he has already made his mind up.

B) Whose body is it anyway? I think you’ll find it’s mine and not the property of the state. I will have it disposed of in a manner I see fit.

C) The government have proved themselves masterful in the management of databases and records. They would never get the register wrong would they?

D) If you're on the register as a ‘no’ will this lead to a lower quality of care or consideration by clinical people. The ‘NHS Constitution’ (no referendum on this either no doubt) will probably end up limiting your medical care if you smoke, drink or are just too fat. What interest would the medical profession have in you if at the end of the day you weren’t going to be of any use to them? - And that’s said as an NHS employee!

I carry a donor card. I am pleased that my mortal remains may be of some assistance to one of those left behind.

But it’s my decision. Not Gordon’s, not Alan (postman prat) Johnson’s, not the NHS. It’s mine and mine alone.

I have this little thing at the back of my mind that says if this change goes through then I might opt out. This is of course sheer bloody mindedness as it will be cutting off my nose to spite someone elses face when my nose won’t be of any particular interest to me.

But what’s next, presumed consent for live organ donations or forcible extraction of blood.

You never know you might wake up in a bath of ice with a thank you note from Gordon and all his little orcs.

No I’ll carry ‘the card’ but it’s my card to pick up, not yours to give to me!


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Ugggh - having my organs harvested - ugggh!

jmb said...

Is this a trial balloon, do you think? It sounds too awful to say the least, not to have a say in it. My organs are past their best by date for transplant, although I would have allowed them to be donated earlier. I never liked the idea of skin being taken for some reason but didn't worry about the rest.

Mrs Smallprint said...

Quite right Grendel, this is a personal decision - ours to make not the Governments.

Julie said...

I agree entirely. I carry a card and am on the register, but I also value the idea that I'm not quite government property.

Womble On Tour said...

Grendel, does your disloyalty to the State know no bounds ?
I declare you guilty of treason against our Glorious Leader. You will be taken away to Victoria Street to be re-educated, at which point you will meet with a mysterious death and your organs sold with the (unregistered) proceeeds going to the Party.

Anonymous said...

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