Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Not Flash, just a manipulative, lying, hypocritical bastard!

Picture caption - Keep your hands on your wallets chaps

Sorry about the profane title, but it had to be said. I know that the ‘Sauron goes to Iraq to announce to British Troop level reduction’ stories will be everywhere tonight.

I know that I am also breaking one of my editorial rules which basically states that I ‘Shouldn’t go with straight political commentary as there are so many others that do it so much better’.

But I feel like a rant because I’m cross, no I’m really cross.

As you will know in an unannounced visit to Iraq today the ‘Dark Lord of Mordor and Kirkcaldy’ decreed that UK forces in Iraq were to be cut by 1,000 by 2008.

It was denied that the timing and the announcement had anything to do will stealing the limelight from the Tory Conference in Blackpool and trying to use this partial withdrawal to bolster political support in the run up to the shortly to be announced General Election. Indeed a Downing Street Orc said it was "preposterous" to suggest the PM was playing politics.

Things to remember (well, from my perspective);

1) Didn’t our master say that in this era of a ‘new kind of politics’ that announcements such as these should be made first to parliament. So when did the home of British democracy relocate to the middle east?

2) The withdrawal of 500 of the 1000 had already been announced back in July. And worse, 270 of those are already back in barracks in the UK! So it’s back to the tried and tested method of continually announcing the same things time and time again in the hope that each time the sheeple will think it’s something new.

3) Apparently no newspaper journalists were permitted to travel to Iraq with Mr Brown - only PA and television cameras. So just pretty pictures to look good on the news coverage and no in depth cross examination in the press.

4) I heard some thing on ‘Radio 5’ this afternoon to the effect that it took our leader 8 weeks after having assumed office for his first meeting with the CGS. So with our forces deployed on active duties in two combat zones the Leader of Her Majesty’s Government just couldn’t get around to meet with the Senior Officer of Her Majesty’s armed forces.

5) Our Master decided not to inform the MoD of his intentions to make this announcement today.

6) So does this mean that the campaign is over? Have we won? Does the Union flag fly again over Stanley? Will the reduction in the numbers of troops deployed make those remaining more vulnerable. And if there was major unrest in Basra would the reaction be as effective? Could more people die now just because the Master wants more votes. Lies took us in and now lies are extracting us.

As regulars will know I’m not the Dark Lord’s biggest fan but the level of cynicism shown here is truly astounding.

Before today, if and when Gordon is returned to power I would have regretted the fact the British people hadn’t chosen to be served better. Now if he is returned I can only say that they will probably get all that they deserve.

One amusing point though. On the television news there were pictures of the Dark One writing a message on the bonnet of a military vehicle. The first line was ‘ To Cyclops’…..make your own jokes!

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