Sunday, 7 October 2007

It’s the worse thing in the world……

I have been really tempted to dive into the ‘Newcasted Brown Fales’ saga (this is the best pun I could come up with that linked our Master to Bottles, if you think it’s bad you really wouldn’t want to know what ended up on the reject pile) but it really has all been said over the last day or so.

So really this is a post highlighting the fact that it is my 101st contribution to the Blogosphere.

Which I guess is a landmark of sorts.

I’m probably not alone in this but there have been days when I have really struggled to come up with anything to post about or to be more precise find a slant on a news story that I’m happy with. And it’s at those times when blogging feels more like a chore than a pleasure or a hobby.

On the other hand there are days when you feel you have really nailed a point, someone you respect links to you, you get a ‘mention in despatches’ (appearing on the Dale lists, acceptance into Blogpower and the Witanagemot etc) or when daily traffic is pretty good (for me 40+, don’t laugh) when there is a bit of a buzz and the impetus to continue returns.

But to be honest the former has been more prevalent recently. And having reached a particular figure (that for some strange psychological reason seems to attach an importance to itself) it does rather concentrate the mind on what the return is considering the investment in time and effort. Not so much in terms of recognition or traffic, but merely a consistent personal satisfaction of a job well done.

And very occasionally I do feel like calling in the Dutch to drain the ‘Swamp’ and recover the land for more practical uses.

I imagine that there is an observable pattern to this. A percentage of bloggers who drop out pretty quickly after starting and then at particular points in time after starting the others who follow.

The letter of resignation isn’t typed up yet, or even hand written in draft. However there are a few phrases that are committed to memory for use on the day, whenever it comes. A bit like, ‘Your Majesty, would you mind awfully dissolving Parliament’.

A slug of ‘Newcasted’ and off to bed. Actually could ‘a bottle’ be the new collective noun to describe the members of the Brownite tendancy?


IanP said...

congratulations on pushing past your first 100 posts.

We do all have days as you describe, and I have even seen stories in press and blogs that I think, hmm cant think how I can use that, but then the following day another will appear that ties the two together and hey presto you have a new slant all your own.

The level of satisfaction is certainly one of the things that keeps me doing it, and my inspiration is simply that I want a better world for my children, one that is free, fair and full of opportunities for them.

We keep battling the forces of darkness that pervade this country, knowing that even if in the long run we fail, we did at least try. I sleep sound.

Hang in there, don't retire just yet, your blog is just too good.

I like the idea of a collective noun for the Yellow streak and his juvenile band of bandits.

Perhaps a competition !!

Phil A said...

I rather like Gordon Broon Breeks.

It plays on his name and hints at a lack of ‘bottle’ in a slightly different way - Plus it has a certain alliterative charm.

Finding stuff to post? There is so much out there that needs attention drawn to it.

What de-motivates me is the suspicion that huge swathes of the public, the sheeple, just don’t give a damn, even if they become aware of it.

I know it’s a bit of a labour of Sisyphus but don’t give up.

IanP said...

It was suggested to me the other day over a pint that perhaps many of the mass audience TV shows are laced with subliminal messages, thereby dulling the senses of the sheeple.

Shows like Dumberdale, Dead Enders and Coronation Drain, X-Factory and BB etc that are now mostly made by 'Independents'.

Might be worth investigating by someone with a lot of time on their hands.
i.e. record and check, frame by frame by frame by frame....

I cant imagine that anyone actually voluntarily agrees with what government are doing, I cant find anyone anyway.

Phil A said...

Ian, Well 'they' do seem to be able to trot out (presumably actual real) people, who are apparently perfectly happy to support ID cards and the idea of compulsory national DNA databases, on the naive basis that ‘if you are not guilty why should you fear them’.

I was speaking to someone the other day who defended taxation and even the current level of death taxes on the grounds that only the selfish and rich would object to them.

Yeah – it probably is subliminal programming of some sort ;-)