Sunday, 14 October 2007

Is there anybody out there….?

With a little help from the BBC.

Thursday (11/10) heralded the next stage in the search for intelligent alien life with the start up of the Allen Telescope Array (ATA).

The ATA, funded and named after Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is being run by the Seti Institute and the Radio Astronomy Laboratory from the University of California, Berkeley, US.

The array is comprised of 350 antennas, each 20 feet in diameter which will be able to sweep more than one million star systems for radio signals generated by intelligent beings.

It is also expected to help improve understanding of such phenomena as supernovas, black holes, and exotic astronomical objects that have been predicted but never observed.

The first test images produced by the array are radio maps of the Andromeda Galaxy and the Triangulum Galaxy.

There has as yet though been no official confirmation of any incoming signals identified by the array.

However as coincidence would have it several unnamed press agencies are reporting that HM Treasury will soon be releasing details about proposed legislation in the following areas.

  • That all ‘Ningaris, living off world’ may have to make a contribution to the upkeep of the ‘vlhurg sentinel’.

  • That the ‘Imperium of Zlahhurggch’ may or may not be bound by’ the Treaty of Varoush’ dependant on the deliberations of the ‘vlakshi ott urhd’.

  • That the provision of ‘Quardicrat’ will be dependant on fair allocation as governed by lex ‘qrdes df gerdling’ but only after amendment under the terms of the ‘sdekf desf qwtrdu’ - year of the Republic 1022454.

On being questioned about this unexpected change in direction Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andy Burnham is reported as explaining that these new ideas were entirely consistent with previous Government policy.

He added that these were ideas that had been formulated over the last few months and were designed to meet the aspirations of the British people ‘going forward’ into this new century.

The 17th Radulfve of Gumbarari Prime was unavailable for comment


Stan!! said...

Paxman demolished Burnham a few days back. Indeed, Burnham is typical of the Thinktank-special advisor-straight to Parliament lickspittle-at the heart of New Labour. Grendel,
A former Labour PPC and a new Labour accolyte/Bloggers4Labour, Guardian stalwart by the name of Mike Ion is seeking entry to Blogpower. Could we get a bit of a No vote going over there?

Julie said...

Aspirations, I should say - as one of those oddballs who has been crunching units on my computer from the SETI (seti@home) project for years. Perhaps we are on the verge of becoming mainstream. :-)

Tiago said...

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Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I did this post a while back might interest you.

The big question is, why DON'T we see signs of life.