Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Guest Poster.

My eldest (6) has recently become quite curious about the time that I spend on the computer and the things that I write on there.

When I explained about blogging he was fascinated by the possibility of people all over the world being able to read what you had written.

If course if he realised the reach of this particular blog he might not be so readily impressed.

Nevertheless he asked if he could write something to go onto ‘my website’.

So here goes for my first, probably last and definitely youngest guest poster.

The spelling has been corrected but the rest is entirely his…


My name is Freddy.

My favourite thing at school is writing.

I am going to be seven soon.

I like my Yu Gi Oh cards and I like going to Beavers.

My best friend is called Alex but my best friend at school is Zak

I like the Ramones (ed – no, I didn’t make that bit up) and classical music too.

I like to eat fish fingers, chips and Ketchup.

My favourite thing at home is playing on the computer and reading books.

Thank you for looking at my writing.

Love Freddy.


Phil A said...

Freddy, You are obviously a bit of a Dr Who fan, by the picture. If you are ever in the vicinity on London I suggest you see if you can manage a visit to ‘Forbidden Planet’


They have some stuff there you will seriously like. Maybe save your pocket money up first though…

Good luck with your blogging career you are now officially a presence on the web.

jmb said...

Hi Freddy,
I read your letter on your Dad's blog from a faraway place called Canada. It sounds like life is good to you there in the UK.

I'm glad you like writing and computing but especially reading. This is my favourite thing too. You will never be bored if you like reading.

Thank you for telling us about yourself.


Lord Nazh© said...

You reach across the big pond :)

H'lo Freddy

The As A Dodo Team said...

Hi Freddy!

On behalf of all extinct flightless birds, welcome!

Sir Philip Johnston-Higham said...

Careful, Grendel - Freddy's going to take over from you!

Liz said...

Hello Freddy,

You write very well.

I live in Wales. It's another country but not as far away as Canada or America.

I like fish fingers and chips and ketchup too. And reading. Have you read any Horrid Henry books?

I hope you have a lovely half term holiday.


Beaman said...

Hello from sunny Kent. Can you take over from your father on this blog please, I'd like to know more about some fish finger recipes. The more chips the better. :-D

Andrew Allison said...

Hi Freddy

I bet you didn't realise just how popular fish fingers and chips with ketchup was. I love them too.
It's good to hear you enjoy writing. You can take over your Dad's blog soon. ;)


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Hi Freddy,

Thank you for letting us all read your writing. It's very good. Reading is my favourite thing too, when I was your age I liked the Adventure books by Willard Price (ask your Dad)

Chips and ketchup are great aren't they? I sometimes like mayonnaise instead though! Love Bendy Girl

Anonymous said...

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