Saturday, 20 October 2007

Guest Poster – Postscript

I would just like to thank everyone who so kindly responded to Fred’s post on the 16th October.

He was absolutely thrilled at having received comments back to his post.

We had great fun looking at his atlas and finding all of the Countries / Counties where all of those who responded lived. We discussed the Dodo and of course the fact that his culinary preferences were shared by many others.

He wasn’t convinced though that now is the time for him to take over responsibility for running the blog. That said, he did find the suggestion rather amusing and made a comment to the effect that perhaps it would be more interesting if he were to write it.

Out of the mouths of children etc.

Thanks again…



ThunderDragon said...

Well, have him do a weekly guest post, then!

jmb said...

No doubt his attention span is a bit limited but a guest post every now and again when the spirit moves would be welcome.

Grendel said...

Thanks for the thought.

I have mentioned it to Fred and actually he seems quite keen so further guests posts are a distinct possibility.

Phil A said...

A guest spot would probably be excellent developmentally as well… probably be useful to Fred as well ;-)