Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Voor Vorst, voor Vrijheid en voor Recht!

One of the slightly more interesting listings on e-bay over the last few days was that of the Kingdom of Belgium.

I'm not sure whether the advert was placed on a 'ten pence listing day'.

However, in an attempt to draw attention to the Country’s ongoing political crisis, teacher and former journalist Gerrit Six advertised :

'For Sale: Belgium, a Kingdom in three parts ... free premium: the king and his court (costs not included).'

In the advert Six noted that the country was coming second-hand and that potential buyers would have to take on over £153 billion in national debt.

Having originally been happy to allow the notice to be placed E-bay later withdrew the advert having received a bid of £6.9 million.

One can only speculate, but perhaps if President Sarkozy had come in with a higher bid earlier Wallonia would have been his after all.

Makes you wonder what the UK would go for.

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