Saturday, 22 September 2007

My First Political Memory (and meme tag come to that).

Nich Starling (aka Norfolk Blogger and all round good egg, even though he’s in the yellow corner) has honoured me with a tag to discuss my ‘First Political Memory’.

A couple of events spring forward from the recesses of my mind from 1974.

I remember as a six year old being fascinated by the spectacle of, although of course lacking an understanding about

A) The Nixon Resignation.

I remember my parents watching his final address to Staff in the White House on television. I remember asking them why they found his mention of ‘Plumbers’ so funny. For some reason I actually remember feeling rather sad because he seemed really nice(!?!)

B) The two general elections.

I remember being curious as to why they had to have two. “But Daddy haven’t they already done this? Will there be another one before Christmas?”

But more particularly for one of elections (and no, I can’t remember which) my parents drove to the Polling Station with me strapped into my seat in the back of the car. They left me in the car whilst they went to register their votes.

It was 1974 so you could do things like that with your children without being accused of being worse than Leonid Brezhnev.

The Polling station was in a school in a built up area and across the road there was a poster on a bill board which featured caricatures of Wilson, Heath and Thorpe who were dressed (and I’m really straining here) in their party appropriate colours.

I remember being really fascinated by the pictures and went home to draw my own version. I know I should have been in the garden having a kick about pretending to be Alan Ball but hey.

I would like to pass this chain letter on to.

Daily Referendum
The Wilted Rose
Critical Faculty Dojo
The Final Redoubt
The Morningstar

Assuming they are not already involved and sorry, I just can't get the 'link thing' to work. If anyone can offer any advice it would be appreciated.

Anyway, thanks Nich, that was fun!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

How sweet - thinking Nixon was "nice". I remember after the debate with JFK on TV we all felt sorry for him!!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I had no idea you were that old ! Thanks for that. Politics in the 1970's seemed much more interesting when you look back on it.

Grendel said...

Welsh Cakes - Kids, what you going to do?

Nich - Ouuch!