Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Parish Notices

I was doing a little light browsing yesterday, catching up with my regular reads and following up on other visits when I found that the estimable Mike Stajduhar from Pasadena, who writes the Diminished Expectations blog, had linked to the swamp.

It’s possible that I may have not discovered that he had linked here for some time.

So if any dear reader is kind enough or indeed sympathetic enough to honour me with a link please drop a comment in on a post and I will be happy to reciprocate.

For those to whom I link and don’t return I genuinely don’t mind. I know that this is controversial in some quarters but my Roll is primarily there to allow me easy access to the sites that I enjoy reading and possibly to introduce others to the same.



Mike Stajduhar said...

Many thanks, both for adding me to your links and your kind words.

Best wishes,

Mike Stajduhar

Steven_L said...

I know what you mean. I have the blogs I like and always comment on (I don't know what Dale and Guido are still doing there, I'm more a Boris and Redwood man) and anyone I find out links to me.

The 'bog boys' are a bit snotty when it comes to giving you a link. Take newmania, when he first started he was just an annoying serial ranter on Boris Johnsons blog. He was the only person from the Tory blogosphere that linked to my obscure cicket blog I gave up on when we stared getting pummled in the Ashes. Now he's a big tory blog, no link for Steven_L from newmania.

To be honest I think there's a lot or behind the scenes stuff goes into the whole tory blogging shinanigan.

Have you tried Boris Johnson's forum, always good discussion to be had in there with a few regulars.

Liz said...

Thanks for visiting.

I see you mention I, Claudius as your favourite book. Wonderful book with incredibly evil characters. We recently bought the videos of the BBC dramatisation on ebay; it's still hard to beat, even if dated in production.

gogogo27 said...

visiting & reading...
Wishing you a Happy Sunday! Keep the articles coming!