Friday, 3 August 2007

My Top Twenty for Iain Dale

In September Harriman House will publish the 2007 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK. To fill these pages Iain Dale has invited bloggers and blog readers to send him details of their Top 20 blogs by e-mail or as a list in the comments section of his original post.

To that end I have submitted the following. But as many others have written it's a really difficult thing to do as there are so many good blogs out there and your choices are limited to 20. I could have easily provided a top 50 and all of these have the capacity to make me pretty damn humble about my own offering.

Anyway the monster's top reads are;

1 - Iain Dale
2 – Guido
3 – Dizzy Thinks
4 – The Croydonian
5 – Nourishing Obscurity
6 – Crushed by Ingsoc
7 – The City Unslicker
8 – Edland
9 – Guthrum
10 – The Thunder Dragon
11 – Daily Referendum
12 – PJC Journal
13 – Islington Newmania
14 – Mr Eugenides
15 – Cranmer
16- Theo Spark
17- Tom Paine
18 – Man in a Shed
19 – Critical Faculty Dojo
20 – The Final Redoubt


Cranmer said...

Bless you.


Daily Referendum said...
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Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Grendel,

There are some on your list I wish I had room for on mine.



Theo Spark said...

I am honoured.

Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

Bless you, my son. May the Good Lord watch over you and not let you pass away till next time we meet.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Surprised to see my name listed as political!
Some very good choices there.

Grendel said...

It’s been a pleasure to visit your blogs and read your many and varied posts. In different ways I have drawn inspiration from all my regular reads.

Crushed – To my mind it depends how you define political. Although most of my choices are big P political because you cover philosophical and moral areas in your posts I think that you are equally worthy of inclusion on the list. Having looked at the lists submitted by other bloggers on the ‘comments’ section under Iain’s original post you will see that other colleagues would seem to agree.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Gutted !

Grendel said...

Nich, you're going to be in the top 50 anyway so you probably don't really need my help. You would have made my top 25 though if that makes you feel any better!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally pissed off. I went AWOL and stopped posting and you list me in the top twenty (just). While I was puking the meal I had on the 12th November 1974, Ian Dale visited the Redoubt. If I give up altogether and shoot myself, I might even get into the Wita ...Witerneeg ...oh fuck it.