Monday, 27 August 2007

The monsters have it

Thank you to all of the fellow travellers who commented on the avatar change. I think that the general consensus of opinion was to switch from the helmet to the monster so that’s what I have done.

It’s probably an exercise in the same old bollocks pretending to be new by way of a slight change of packaging and demeanour. Any suggestions on other recent examples of this?

Special thanks to Ian P for introducing a level of erudition to this blog through his comment and indeed the lesson for some of us on the use of the 'special characters' that are available.



Sir James Robison said...

At first I was horrified but now see the need. Could you get Grendel eating some men perhaps?

Daily Referendum said...

I'll change your pick on my blog shortly. I would also like to say thanks for dropping by so often. You are always welcome.



Phil A said...

Now didn't someone change their logo to a scribbled tree…

The monster has ‘character’

Kristee said...

I noticed when you changed and well not wanting to offend or anything but that creature is freaky scary. Does it really reflect your persona?

I understand the need for change...just did it myself recently. My avatar will be next.

Have a great week! :)