Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Gordon is reading you.....

According to today’s Financial Times….

'The COI, the UK government’s communications agency, is working on a way to monitor what people say about policy on blogs and internet forums for the media briefings it sends to ministers.

The summaries are used across Whitehall from ministers to departmental communications teams, often as an early warning service on issues rising up the public’s agenda. The blog project was in part prompted by departments’ concerns at being caught unawares by debates spread on the web.

Clarence Mitchell, director of the MMU, said though there was debate about the objectivity of some bloggers, several were taken increasingly seriously within government. Mr Mitchell said: “There’s a whole level of debate taking place online which simply didn’t exist before and departments feel they need to be fully engaged in that.”

He insisted any future service by the unit would not intervene in monitored blogs.

However individual departments which took any service might choose to reply directly to bloggers’ criticisms.

The blog monitoring would need a sufficient number of individual government departments to agree to cover the extra costs involved. If this happened, MMU estimates a service could operate by the end of the year.'

Hum, several things spring to mind;

Considering the amount of obviously co-ordinated anonymous trolling in the comments on posts made by the high profile members of the Tory Bloggerati I suspect that there is already a lot of monitoring going on by Sauron’s Orcs.

Secondly as our leaders are not exactly known for listening to anything other than views that resonate with their own I would suggest that this is probably just going to be an enormous waste of our money. Perhaps one could argue that a possible purpose could be to give Mordor’s ‘rapid rebuttal’ units a bit of a head start if they can spot the googly early.

Lastly, to ensure the safety of my children and friends, I just want to add that Gordon is the greatest Prime Minister that this Country has ever been blessed with. His words are an inspiration and shine like a beacon to everyone. Frankly we don’t need to suffer this moribund democratic system any more. Please Gordon just assume the position of head of state as well so we may bathe evermore in your radiance and glory.


Monkey with a blue rosette said...

I resent the term "Sauron's orcs" in your post, only because I have unfortunately often been mistaken for one. Thanks for the link, by the way.

-eve- said...

I like the ending ;-) Truly patriotic. lol :-)

IanP said...

I have already noticed the level of interest on the rise.,, and are regular visitors on the logs. Not bad since all the MP's have gone to play in the sand pits.

however, there is always the firewall....

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Let them.

Bring it on Gordie!

Comment on my blog, Labour Party Apparatchiks, I get to respond in a way that harms you lot, not me.

Now, that's democracy in a way NewLab never understood it.

Grendel said...

Monkey – You’re most welcome

Eve – Too kind, thank you.

Ian – They weren’t going to give the Orcs a holiday were they?

Crushed – Oh yes, I would relish the opportunity but I would imagine that they won’t get past Dale, Dizzy and Staines. One can live in hope though.

Steven_L said...

When I sober up I'm going to get oneof those stat counters. I get more votes in my polls than I do comments, I wanna know how many people are reading.

Anonymous said...

Typical Stalin/Lenin/Marxist shite! Gotta know what "the others" are doing every second of every minute of every hour of every day of the year. Fuckin' yellow cunts! They're scared! Brown is a control freakery merchant, so was Blair. I have yet to meet a sweaty sock who doesn't have to be in control.
Like the geezer said, bring it the fuck on GORGON! We can wage a guerilla campaign as good as any can. We grew up watching the IRA and the commies pal. Oh and the labour inspired fuckin' commie unions!