Friday, 22 June 2007

Gooner Gone II?

The BBC is reporting tonight that Barcelona are to complete the signing of Thierry Henry fro Arsenal in the next couple of days for a reported fee of £16 Million.

What isn’t clear is if the £16M is going to be available to plough back into the transfer market and bolster the squad still further. I had the same feeling of slight trepidation when Anelka was sold, wondering who would come in.

The difference then was that David Dein and Arsene Wenger were already planning a replacement programme and I should have known better than to doubt. Now DD is gone (or at least waiting in the wings for a return after a hostile takeover). Where this leaves Wenger also starts to concern me. Henry leaving when still bankable would be fine if we knew that Arsene would be staying for the long haul. Now we don’t know about Wenger’s future and all of a sudden the future seems more uncertain.

The last couple of seasons were a disappointment but there was always a sense that there was a plan and the evidence was accumulating that the young players would ensure a winning future. But now I don’t know.

I hope I’m wrong but one can’t help feeling that there may be trouble ahead and the weakening situation may give Kroenke the in he needs.

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